Build Up Your Family In Times of Crisis


What defines a family crisis?  It is a situation when the family members “need” to make a change either to make things better or let things get worse.  When crisis is perceived, it is understandable for family members to become disorganized for some period.  But what should be the main concern of each family member is to be able to recover as a family.  Each should be flexible to make the necessary changes as they support one another and be able to get back at functional level once more.

There are two basic classifications of crises, the developmental and the structural.  The developmental crisis is described to have a normal stressor.  This encompasses getting married, parental experiences, having parents retire, aging and death.  When family members resist to make the necessary change to get pass through the crisis, then a structural crisis is what the family is currently experiencing.

The family under a crisis will experience stress.  This may result to fights over who is right.  Members will be unsympathetic and may blame each other.  Instead of communicating, family members may stop talking to each other.  When people don’t talk, more misunderstanding takes place.  Closeness among family members diminishes and agreement about goals will be more difficult to reach. e commerce malaysia Individually, the health of members may be affected with the loss or lack of sleep and appetite. Symptoms like depression, anxiety, memory lapses and disorientation may also manifest.  But the worst would be for members to do what they think they should do and not care for anyone else.

A family crisis can be overcome.  It is not a dead end situation wherein the family can’t do anything and just let the worse come.  In fact, recovery from a family crisis does not only make the members stronger and closer to each other. A crisis can also make the members realize the abilities that they were not aware of until the crisis came up. The key is to accept the fact of the existence of a crisis that the family should take care of.

The family should know the root of the crisis, define the resources they have to handle and not blame each other but be there altogether to resolve the issue in the soonest and most effective way.  Patience and optimism should be exercised.  student jobs These make the members believe that they have control over something.  Control gives confidence.  Confidence keeps an individual go on and be able to talk openly with honesty. When he is heard, he can encourage other members to gain self esteem resulting to mutual respect.  And that whatever reminder that comes out of his mouth will be appreciated, taken as an expression of love and not like some order given by a superior to his subordinate.

With this, the family can still do the things they used to do together. Go to church, have fun and bond with each other like the way before the crisis came into their lives.  And best of all, the confidence of each family member outside their homes will still be there.  The social network with friends and any organization where they belong will help them give and receive support from others without being ashamed.

The important thing to remember is that no family crisis can tear a family down unless the members let it happen.  Building up the family is a shared responsibility and it takes work to keep it up.


Steps To Take For A Family Crisis Solution




Family crisis is an experience which can “make” or “break” a home. This means that victory or defeat will depend on how family members deal with the crisis.  It may be difficult to go through transitions on getting married, becoming first time parents, being good parents to children and teens, facing midlife, retirement or late stage of life.  The list for causes of family crisis is endless.

Like a mathematical problem solving activity, a family crisis has a solution. You just have to know where to start.  The first thing to do to get the problem solved is to acknowledge that there is and know what is the problem.  Perhentian Island Ignoring that there is a problem will never help.  It will not go away on its own.  If you and your family needs to grieve for it, then do it!  But don’t take too long… there are other things to do.

Next thing to do is to know where to get help.  The best people to help are those who have been in the same crisis or professionals who are trained in such circumstances.  Talk to them so you will be able to understand more about what you are into.  Let them be your support throughout until the crisis is over.

Now, for the whole family to survive a crisis, they should set a goal. Pulau Tioman Realize that there are things you can still hold onto and have control over.  Use these as resources which will be your basis to develop and implement an attainable plan of action assigning to each family member the task he should do. It would be more helpful  if everything is written down.  This will help you track if everyone is making progress in pitching in their share in solving the problem.  Plus, having everything written down will make the family analyze if they are heading on the right track or there is a need to make changes on the original plan of action.

If the plan is not working out as you thought it would, avoid blaming the family member if he can’t cope up with what is expected from him.  He might not have thought at the moment that he couldn’t do it that’s why he is failing. But that doesn’t mean he is not willing to help and that he really can’t do anything.  So what should be done is to make changes to make everything fall into place.

Remember to be patient with each other.  The last thing that each family member needs to hear are hurting or discouraging words.  If young ones wanted to get involved and came short, be sure to give extra attention and support. part time job They may not understand everything, but they can still feel that the family is going through some difficult.

Lastly, even if it is hard, the family should maintain or initiate a lifestyle where members can do things together and still have fun.  It will take a big effort but it is worth trying.

A family crisis is just a phase in life that needs to be overcome. Tough? Yes… but not impossible!  You just have to believe and know that there are solutions for any family crisis.


Family Violence Is Not Just A Family Concern

Family violence is a form of abuse where a member of the family harms another member of the family. This is a way of how an abuser satisfies his needs to gain control over others.  And this might be the most popular crime all over the world.

People believe that family violence are more common from the urban poor areas.  It is also believed that the act of abuse happens when the abuser is out of control like when he is drunk or under some other influences. These are the things seen on the surface of the situation.  But there are more.

The fact about family violence is that it is a manifestation of control whether the abuser is in total sanity, drunk or under the influence of illegal elements.  Family violence also happens among the rich people. But because there are reputations to protect, these are not made known to the public.  And if you believe that there is no love in an abusive relationship, think otherwise.  There is at least one who has so much love for the other that he lets the other person control him and hope that one day everything will just go away and they will be both happy.

Family violence has an extensive effect on the lives of the family members. Children  raised in a home full of violence may bring this environment into their own homes when they become adults. He would either be the abusive party or would let the other party abuse him thinking that this is the normal atmosphere in a home.  This is why an abuser needs counseling.  He has to understand that he learned inappropriate responses and that he needs to “unlearn” the things which he thought was right and proper.

For some who are not aware, family violence is not just a domestic issue. It is actually a national concern.  How?  Children go to school to be educated. But if these children witness any abuse in their homes, they do not develop the self-esteem they should be learning in school. Being young in age and understanding, they suffer depression and even certain disorders giving them the feeling of nothingness or powerlessness.  ecommerce website design These can be reasons why they would want to look for people who can make them feel that they are of value and can take control.  Eventually finding the wrong crowd, these children may start drinking, get into drugs, gamble and do some more things which will make them unproductive and become delinquents of the society.

Is there something we can do to prevent all these from happening? Yes!  We don’t need to see it then just look the other way!  There are institutions organized by the government or even some non-government organizations which are willing to help get things better for victims of family violence.  If you know someone who needs help, talk to the person. Tell him about the institutions which handle these situations.  If he doesn’t yield, you can call the institution yourself.  Walk the extra mile and report instances of family violence.  The family is the core of our nation, lets take care of it.


A Petty Issue Can Grow Into a Marriage Problem

Family crisis encompasses a lot  of concerns including marriage problems. And marriage problems cover more.  How do you know that there is a marriage problem which needs a solution?  If you feel that you and your spouse have a problem, you may be right.  After all, who can know better than those who are involved.

The various marriage problems concern communication issues, loss of intimacy,  boredom, lack of commitment, infidelity, unmet needs because of unrealistic expectations,  giving up on marriage due to incapacity to handle conflict correctly and some more. But for all these, the marriage problem did not come into the spouses lives overnight. With keen observation, it can be realized that it has been there for some time.  Probably ignored until it has grown so much that the couple would think the only solution would be separation or divorce.

There are a few common marriage problems. These are communication, lack of commitment, incapacity to handle conflict correctly  and  loss of intimacy.  The rest are just products of the common ones.

Communication in any relationship is essential. Most wives tell their husbands when there are things in the house that needs to be fixed.  The husband  will tell the wife that he will fix it in a bit or call some handyman to get the job done. At this level, it is safe to say that the couple have good communication.  But what if the fixing has been put off for weeks? The wife might feel that what she says doesn’t matter and tells a friend about it.  At this point, the communication is directed to the wrong person, someone who can not do anything but listen.  When this becomes habitual, the wife would dwell more on the things that her husband does not do and not see what he does.  She keeps quiet and start to build the gap because she doesn’t complain to him but will constantly tell her friend of his shortcomings.

Continuing with the example, the wife would feel “sorry” for her self for being ignored.  design web pages This can make a wife feel that her husband lacks the commitment to take care of the family.  Of course this is not always true, but he is starting to ignore his commitment with small things, if this goes on, commitment on bigger things may also be ignored.

Still moving on, the wife would just stop talking to her husband about issues on children, work and other things.  She would think that she has to do everything on her own because she can’t rely on her husband anymore. This is manifestation that the wife is not handling the conflict well.  And eventually, the husband may notice that his intimacy with his wife is no longer there because her wife would make excuses for her not to sleep with him.  And he didn’t even know what happened.

This is only one scenario which couples were not aware of and yet caused them a marriage problem. matchpricks The problem may have not grown out of hand if the husband had it fixed.  Or instead of dwelling on his shortcomings, the wife should have taken responsibility of what needs fixing and told him about it.

What gets a marriage problem solved is an extra mile… to communicate the issue with the right person, to show commitment to your spouse, to be more understanding to the partner and not to let petty things affect your love to your man or woman.

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